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Work can be carried out with our customers incognito. All inquiries are strictly confidential, including for anonymous clients.

Happy customer

Wanted to leave a review, but first wanted to read what others write clients. Conclusion: all that is possible - have said. Immediately clear how many…


Friends, you saved my family! It turns out I should not have suspected her husband left goings. Thank you for what you persuaded me of this. Now I have…


Thank you very much, you helped me specifically)) One day I noticed that the company lost money! (And you have helped to clarify everything as it is,…

Ensure the person on the phone

How ever you wanted to be good parents and close friends of your child, not always and not everyone manages to keep lined up in early childhood relationships with their children.

Put spying on telephone Man

How to put surveillance on phone guy? This question arises every second girl, even if the guy is not giving any cause for jealousy.

We are helping to establish surveillance of his wife

For any man would be too suspicious if his wife suddenly stopped in time to come home from work, become a better look, attend some courses or training.


Detective Agency in Shepetovka 


None of the people today can not be immune from infidelity on the part of the husband or wife of cheating at work or in other areas of life, from the betrayal of colleagues or partners, the sudden disappearance of people close to us. At any time it can happen something that someone may first seem completely unsolvable problem, deal with that, it would seem impossible. But it is precisely in such situations, you can fully trust the employees of the detective agency "Private detective Khmelnitsky." The staff of our detective agency in Shepetovka have vast experience in solving the most intractable problems, as evidenced not only feedback from our customers, but also their repeated appeals to us. 

We work online and guarantee our customers not only confidentiality in performing the work, but also a special delicacy, when it comes, for example, the identification of infidelity husband or wife. We are well aware that it is very important not just to do everything to learn, change or modify the second ladle of our clients, but also to show special tact the person who is willing to share these experiences with us. And as practice shows, the most vulnerable in this regard, it is men who in some cases are simply not ready to accept the information that his wife has a lover. 

But do not take our word for those who are trying to blame infidelity of your loved one. Very often - it's just a figure of envy and attempts to destroy someone else's happiness. It is better to call the detective agency in the city and make Shepetovka we tested for loyalty. Only then should think whether it makes sense to file for divorce because of adultery with a woman, or you are still waiting for a happy future together, despite all the gossip and other people's fantasies. 

Family problems may be associated not only with infidelity someone from spouses, but also to the complexity of the relationship between the generations. And if you're faced with the fact that your child just ran away from home, you should not immediately panic and all the forces trying to bring him home. First we need to organize a search of relatives, we are also willing to help you by all means. And as soon as we can find a person by phone number or find the last name of your fugitive, our psychologists will gladly ready to tackle the problem and will use all their expertise to help you establish a relationship with the child. 

Naturally, the possibility of organizing our search of people can be used in any other situation where you need to organize a search for people by name or just set the address on the phone. Contact us, and your problem will be considered on an individual basis. 

In some cases, a lie detector? 

Surveillance of human

Polygraph test - this is one of the services provided by a detective agency "Private detective Khmelnitsky." Use this feature, you can in any situation where it is appropriate. Naturally, such a check is carried out mainly in the investigation of a crime. But not infrequently it is used, and our corporate clients in hiring new employees, when they want to eliminate the possibility of employment for themselves any spy who wants to access the database for the collection of information, which can then be sold or transferred to a competitor or raider invaders. 

Many of these spies specifically penetrate the company to install the surveillance of the person causing particular concern to them for one reason or another. And we will help you identify such people to prevent their part of the surveillance for you and for your company. We also recommend that you install in your office every office photographic surveillance, that among other things allows you to control all of your employees. And never will be an extra check of the premises to detect listening devices. Even if you use an active antiproslushku, it does not mean that someone has not set you a more modern and sophisticated bugs. And it is our professional actions will allow us to detect wiretapping cell phones.






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