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It so happened that my father is currently living alone, and suddenly he suddenly stopped communicating. My telegram and letter were not answered, and his phone was disconnected. Since I live abroad, I could not come because of the pandemic. I contacted several detective agencies (foreign and Ukrainian), but for them it was either too small a matter, or there was no representative in Khmelnytsky. This agency has accepted the order on the Internet. The detective contacted me within 24 hours and, having received the necessary information, found out that everything was in order with my father, and gave me a phone number by which to contact my father. I thank the agency "Private detective Khmelnitsky" for their work.

Moscow, tel.: +79160840203 , +79689195768,, skype: live: .cid.9449e582b66e6c4


I had to go to work. Child left with a babysitter. Kid became what - that moody. There are bruises. Experienced, did not want to give up work, and the nurse did not trust. Decided to go to this detective agency. Helped not only to expose the mistreatment of a nanny with my boy, but also get rid of her. Requested to find and test another candidate - not denied. Thank you. It turns out that they can solve a lot of problems. Do not be afraid to ask. Listen carefully and try to help.



If you need services of a detective agency, refer only to this. It is here that conscientious employees. Attentive approach. Quickly gather information. Equipment appliances - great. Conduct surveillance, which provide reports. How do I know? Checked on personal experience. Over the short term, these people have decided my big problem. Guarantee that the information is not 100% merge. Very value their reputation. Guaranteed. Respect to you.


I always wondered, what can our detective agency and how they work. It turns out that a lot can and work quickly. It's time. Convinced itself. Addressed in this detective agency. Gave the order - check the customer's solvency. Wanted to insure risked a large sum. Worked quickly. During gave a full report on the work performed. A pleasure to deal with such people. If necessary, turn to you again. Thank you.


No one is safe from harm. So in my family she knocked. Husband went to work and disappeared. I myself did not find the place. Where is he, what about him? The police statement was not accepted. A neighbor advised to contact the detective agency. Found on your property. Thank you for what took up my problem. You found him so quickly. And he got into the hospital, he could not tell me about it. I highly recommend this agency. It is staffed by great people, good professionals. Good luck in all your endeavors!


I want to thank from the heart of your employees detective agency. Understanding and professional assistance. I did not know to whom I still have contact with his current situation. My daughter often linger a long time was out of school. On questioning did not answer, just angry. Just a few days you have dispelled my fears. It turns out that she attends drama school. Hopefully daughter learn to trust me. A huge thank you and the lowest bow for a job well done.


Thank you, you saved me from the wedding aferistki. I met a lovely girl, and wanted to marry her because she was the best in every way and in all supported me, and we walked to her "on the same wavelength." But ... As it turned out, he was a fraud.


More recently, I began to suspect that I began to listen to me or lead surveillance. I told my wife. She felt that I wind the and that so close to paranoia. 

The fact that I work in a large company that is working on a new project that should bring huge profits. And we try not to advertise it as that we did not steal the idea and make it happen faster than us. 

I contacted the agency Khmelnitsky, so they checked me and my workplace and so on. As a result of checking, they found about 10 bugs and 2 cameras. That's so, but his wife said paranoia. In addition, they were able to find out who and when to install them. It was the other competing company.


Well. I read a few reviews, and immediately see that you have helped so many people. What can you say about your agency? For example: professionals, integrity, speed, quality, result, trust, the opportunity to work abroad and much more. 

That's all it is. I'm not exaggerating. You might tell me how I much they have helped me, but then have to write a whole essay. I will say this. Thank you for what you are so nice and for what you are doing.


Thank you for what you have helped me find a single person. It was like this ... I went to rest at sea, in Turkey. Met there by one person. Recorded its data to your phone. But while driving home, stole my phone. It was a shame not for the phone itself, but for the fact that there was important information for me. 

I thought that everything, lost love. But then I ran into a site of your agency. Precisely as I searched on the Internet different agencies, and has caused me your most sympathy. And no wonder! Detective Agency Khmelnitsky find my missing love. I do not know how they did it, but they did it. Immediately obvious that this agency real professionals.

grateful client

I have a difficult situation. My elderly father began to disappear somewhere and behave strangely. At first, I was glad, because dad quit drinking and smoking. But then, as it turned out, it turns out, went to some private church or something. I thought it was suspicious. 

I went to a private agency Khmelnitsky, for help. They helped me to find out the truth. This is not what the church is not, and shorlatany and impostors. Some sect to defraud money. Well, you helped us. After that, they are still called the police and they set this gang. So, they helped not only me and my father, but also other people who are someone's father, mother, etc.

Vladimir Ivanovich

I "Private Detective Khmelnitsky" helped save my money. I am a businessman and invest their funds in various young firms. But here, in this time, for some reason, not a soul to help lay a firm. Well, that did not want to give them money and all. Well, on the advice of friends who have used your services, I turned to you. I am very grateful for what you have shown the true face of the firm, which, as it turned out, was a fraud and bred investors.


Thank you very much, you helped me specifically)) One day I noticed that the company lost money! (And you have helped to clarify everything as it is, how it turned out, me, or rather our company accountant robbed! Did you find out who stole when and how much. Thank you! Not a bit sorry that appealed to you.


For a long time met with one girl, madly in love, everything was going to propose, but were oppaseniya, there was such a feeling that she is constantly hiding something from me, addressed to you, fears were unfounded, actually now we are husband and wife, thank you!


Started his own business, everything was going well, but at some stage slumped, with your help, learned that partner with competitors is not easy, but still good-bye to him, now all exactly. 
Thank you, you saved me and my business.


Agency is engaged in detective work right people debtors etc. and it is sometimes useful since it seems that your debtors sovey live life and forget about you and this agency and helps to know the whole truth about the people who have forgotten what honesty.


I want to express my gratitude for what you have helped to find my best friend. Despite the fact that I very much doubt such performance detective agencies I have not the least bit disappointed. Thank you very much! You really connect destiny.

Beech family

Our son started a strange way. We began to suspect something was wrong. Then decided to apply to a private agency. And as it turned out for good reason. It turns out our son started to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. And all because he got into bad company. Well, what we have learned about it and stopped the whole thing until it is too late. 
Thank you very much.


So true)) I would like to get one, allegedly paying job, and something seemed to me that there are all too well and it does not happen. Well I decided to go to the agency, on the recommendations of friends, and they found out the truth. As it turned out, they stupidly threw the people and did not pay anything!


I'll be very grateful for what you have saved me from bankruptcy and saved my money. And others, I advise to apply to the organization because they really help. And not as many fake agencies.


Spasibo vam bol'shoe, Vi mne ochen' pomogli! Vi otkrili mne glaza na mou nevestu.


A good agency that allows you to learn the truth about the people with whom you communicate and to whom you sympathize with and seems like it's all good but suddenly bitter truth and it allows you to look the part of a seemingly favorite because bitter truth is better than a vile lie.


I wanted to cheat, cheat, but it was not there, your detectives helped me! )) Thank you))

Happy customer

Wanted to leave a review, but first wanted to read what others write clients. Conclusion: all that is possible - have said. Immediately clear how many people they could help. Well done guys, keep it up.


Good day! Your agency has made me a family tree. Thank you very much for such a painstaking and interesting work. I myself Tatar and would never have thought that I have to sort praprapradeda German, and his mother is Greek. It turns out the world is so small that I'm hometown Saratov found their distant relatives. I am very grateful!


I developed not very pleasant situation and its solution I needed help detective agency. I stumbled on this site and at first treated with suspicion, but the time to solve the problem was not enough, and I applied for services. Specialists of this detective agency, as soon as possible really coped with my not very simple problem, for which I am very grateful. I am glad that it turned at, because such matters should be dealt with professionals. Thank you!


we moved to another city in which we lived were buried close people able to visit them often were not. and once on arrival we noticed that the tomb began to dismantle the flagstones. conversation with the administration of the cemetery is not to no avail. we had to refer to the agency. there pretty quickly and orderly razobralts with etoj situation found guilty ... for which I express my gratitude to them now I could be calm. I wish them prosperity and success in such a case is not easy.


Thanks agency for what I uncovered the truth - where the wife goes after work and doing what. If not an agency, I would still not learned to disappear every day a large sum.


I came to the agency with the most banal order - follow the beloved man. trust trust, but meanness people is boundless. after a change - belief in a better dulled. my young man in itself is very suspicious and hunt down his most was not possible. thanks to a neat and professional skills detective all the information was in my arms. bad is not what it turned out - it was really immersed in the work. but I found peace. detective agency "Private detective Khmelnitsky 'gave me the confidence and peace of mind. thank you very much proofreaders lives)))


Thank you very much helped me. Still, good that I decided to contact you after I withdrew the money from other agencies and have not helped.  I paid you not so much, and while the result was stunning.


Friends, you saved my family! It turns out I should not have suspected her husband left goings. Thank you for what you persuaded me of this. Now I have a peace of mind when my Viti not around.


Thank you very much! You could help when Reg. authorities refused to help us in our difficult situation.

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