Confidentiality guaranteed

Work can be carried out with our customers incognito.

All investigations are carried out strictly confidentially,

including for anonymous clients.




The motto of our agency

- "We do not promise - we do":

- all the rules that we strictly follow are not our own development, but are practiced in all detective agencies that have a serious reputation;

- every client who contacts us can count on complete confidentiality and security from information leakage;

- we do not reassure our clients with one hundred percent guarantees that their order will be fulfilled, but we do our best to make it so.


about us

detective agency "private detective khmelnitsky

Detective Agency "Private detective Khmelnitsky" for years of work in the city of Khmelnitsky and beyond acquired an impeccable reputation. Mission of our company is not only in Ukraine, but also in many other countries of the world. We work closely with our colleagues in countries such as Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, Australia and many others. Such close and widespread geographically interaction allows us to be more responsive and effective in addressing the many issues with which we are approached by our regular and new customers. Including if the need arises, the private detective of our agency can personally go to any of these countries.



At the very beginning of our journey, we have focused on the fact that in our detective agency came to work only the best employees. So today are ready to offer their services exclusively professionals. Each of them has its own unique abilities, skills and knowledge. Besides the fact that you will always be offered the services of our detective detective agency, if necessary to work can connect graphology, polygraph, operational staff with extensive experience, forensic experts, psychologists. All these professionals have extensive experience that is certain to guarantee success in solving various tasks. And the most important task for every private investigator and other professionals - is to provide qualified assistance in solving your problems. No matter how complicated the order, a private detective who works in the detective agency in Khmelnitsky, will always exert maximum efforts for its implementation. 


Services of a private detective may be associated with such activities as surveillance, search for missing people, gather the necessary information, check human polygraph analysis on DNA protection activity. 

In this regard, if you have a situation where help can only private detective, you can always apply to our detective agency. Sometimes only a private investigator with extensive experience can solve seemingly unsolvable situation. And even more so you get the necessary assistance, if it is a private detective of the detective agency, the geography of which goes far beyond his native city. 

The cost of a private detective, according to the contact details indicated on the site. All prices are negotiated individually depending on the complexity of the work. 







Ensure the person on the phone

How ever you wanted to be good parents and close friends of your child, not always and not everyone manages to keep lined up in early childhood relationships with their children.

Put spying on telephone Man

How to put surveillance on phone guy? This question arises every second girl, even if the guy is not giving any cause for jealousy.


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