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Want all your problems solved quickly, accurately, professionally and discreetly? Then you the time has come to call the detective agency "Private detective Khmelnitsky." We are not just private agents who are undercover investigation, but we are a large and close-knit team of specialists ready at any time and in the operational mode to respond to requests of our clients, protecting their interests and ensuring their safety. On account of our detective agency in the Borough of several hundreds of successfully completed orders from a wide variety of customers, from individuals and from companies. 

Adultery - a problem for all generations 

It is hardly possible to find some unique statistics that would show us exactly when cheating husbands and wives were more earlier or now. But the essence remains the same. And today, despite the fact that families are able to receive psychological help in solving their problems, including in our detective agency in town, the problem of having a lover or a mistress of one of the spouses is very important. And someone really suspicions are grounded, someone just already starting to fantasize about what the second half changes. But that did not happen in reality, if you began torturing doubts, then it's time to turn to the detective agency "Private detective Khmelnitsky" Order detect infidelity husband or wife. 

We have already worked out the verification scheme of loyalty that we have successfully used in their work. But at the same time as we always look at each situation individually to see if there fit the standard scheme of work, or the need for a specific case to think of our plan of action. In some cases it is sufficient surveillance of one of our detectives, and some we employ a whole team of experts. But always, we guarantee full confidentiality and bring it to the end, giving the unmistakable reports to the client on the basis of which he boldly may decide whether or not to file for divorce because of infidelity or women yet all his suspicions were wrong. 

Camera surveillance in business 


As we can conclude from my own practice is business owners and executives, the bulk of the victims of those crimes, or other information. Especially someone hires a spy who begins to gather information about the man and his company. Spy finds pathways to the company's database and simply resells the information to the customer. And it is not rare intruder introduced into the ranks of employees, getting a job. Therefore, we recommend that you when interviewing not only rely on your intuition or on the professionalism of your personnel manager, but also use a lie detector. With us you can always order a polygraph test. And to use this tool can also be in any other situations where it is essential to know the truth firsthand. For example, if your company has been a theft or other type of offense. 

Surveillance of a person today can use a variety of ways. It can be used bugs that are installed in cars, offices, apartments, it may be hidden cameras, which will be completely visible to the public eye, it may be wiretapping phones, which are now able to work perfectly even, despite the presence of antiproslushki . Therefore, we also recommend that you book with us check at the premises to detect listening devices at regular intervals. Only then can we find time interception of mobile phones and produce quality search for bugs. 

Search for people in the Gorodok

Another direction of our activity involves tracing people. And these people may already be in the search, as missing or how to have committed any crime. Each situation is considered individually, but in any case, we always provide a prompt response if you need to search for relatives or simply to find a person by phone number. In addition, we can find by name, we can also set the address on the phone Township. Call us, we began to search for people by name.




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