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Work can be carried out with our customers incognito. All inquiries are strictly confidential, including for anonymous clients.


Thank you very much, you helped me specifically)) One day I noticed that the company lost money! (And you have helped to clarify everything as it is,…


So true)) I would like to get one, allegedly paying job, and something seemed to me that there are all too well and it does not happen. Well I decided…


we moved to another city in which we lived were buried close people able to visit them often were not. and once on arrival we noticed that the tomb…

Ensure the person on the phone

How ever you wanted to be good parents and close friends of your child, not always and not everyone manages to keep lined up in early childhood relationships with their children.

Put spying on telephone Man

How to put surveillance on phone guy? This question arises every second girl, even if the guy is not giving any cause for jealousy.

We are helping to establish surveillance of his wife

For any man would be too suspicious if his wife suddenly stopped in time to come home from work, become a better look, attend some courses or training.

Photo and video

Sometimes arise in the life of a situation where a person shadowing becomes simply a necessary measure. In this regard, our detective agency "Private detective Khmelnitsky" provides such services as surveillance, which includes not only invisible surveillance in Khmelnitsky and beyond, and photo-but.

It is possible that you are worried about your child who has ceased to share with you their secrets, and you want to see themselves as friends, in the company of which he spends his time. Or spying on his wife to help you dispel all doubts on the subject of her faithfulness to you. And it is this is a common reason to order surveillance in Khmelnitsky. Especially when it comes to divorce proceedings in the presence of a marriage contract. In this case, the documentary evidence in the form of photos or video reports on changes of one of the spouses is a decisive factor in the outcome of the case. And there are times when a hidden surveillance becomes relevant if one of the spouses spend much time on business trips and personally wants to make sure that this time, the other half remains faithful. In connection with this hidden video surveillance, and photo-like, are in great demand along with other services of our detective agency. 

You want to know what really do the workers in the office of your company? Monitoring of people will give you full information and help to take the necessary measures to restore proper order. Thus, employees will be more responsible in their work, and increase productivity. 

You are not sure about the integrity of their maid or nanny for your kids? Video surveillance in Khmelnitsky - is the solution to your problem. This is even more important if you are going to go on a vacation or business trip. 

No matter how large was your trust in people, but in some cases it is the surveillance, which includes photos and video surveillance can protect you, your business and your family. A private agency "Private detective Khmelnitsky" you help you.

Watching phone
Watching a man