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"Private detective Khmelnitsky"



"The private detective Khmelnitsky" - private detective agency providing professional services in the winery and the region, in Ukraine, as well as abroad.

Our agency is the International Police Organization (IPA)

We have many links with colleagues from around the world: Europe, Africa, Asia and America. Many issues can be easily solved remotely and, when necessary, the detective can fly to another country.





Detective Agency "Private detective Khmelnitsky" provides services not only in Khmelnitsky and all Ukraine, but also in other countries. 

The staff of our detective agency are members of the International Police Association. 

By working closely with our colleagues in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and Australia as well as elsewhere in the world we are able to solve many problems customers remotely. Also, if necessary, our employees can be dispatched to these states.


Because all of our agency team consists exclusively of high-level professionals and qualifications, which also have high morals, the main objective of our work is the maximum contribution of all actors to achieve results in helping our customers. You can count on the services not only of private detective, but a forensic expert, efficient worker, psychologist, graphologist. We are taking the necessary measures in order to prevent dangerous situations that can be associated with video or fotonablyudeniem you. You can contact us in case of the need to collect information about your customers, partners, missing relatives. 

In fact, unlike that of romance, which is described in many books, detective, private detective work with routine that requires greater attention and special painstaking in fulfilling orders. Often enough to ensure the safety of their clients our staff have to endanger their own lives. 

The most important thing in our work - it's full trust of the customer. If we will not know the full information about the situation, then there can be no question of Nika achieving goals. In turn, we give a guarantee of complete confidentiality and privacy. Besides the fact that we can take on the obligation to protect the adults, you can also trust us to the safety of their children, which may be under threat because of unscrupulous maid, nanny. And if you, for example, began to suspect something in his housekeeper, we will provide you complete information to help you make the right decision in the following steps. 

Whatever the situation does not occur in your home or at work, you can always contact our detective agency "Private detective Khmelnitsky," so we promptly took the necessary steps to ensure the safety of your business or marriage, helped prevent theft or other consequences of cheating. 

Our life is every day becoming more and more dangerous: the Internet foraged marriage scam and other scams, children run away from home, and start stealing subordinates. Protect yourself from all this and much more with a detective agency "Private detective Khmelnitsky."




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