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Work can be carried out with our customers incognito. All inquiries are strictly confidential, including for anonymous clients.


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Ensure the person on the phone

How ever you wanted to be good parents and close friends of your child, not always and not everyone manages to keep lined up in early childhood relationships with their children.

Put spying on telephone Man

How to put surveillance on phone guy? This question arises every second girl, even if the guy is not giving any cause for jealousy.

We are helping to establish surveillance of his wife

For any man would be too suspicious if his wife suddenly stopped in time to come home from work, become a better look, attend some courses or training.


Detective Agency in Volochysk 


If you for some reason came in Volochysk and encounter a problem, not being able to communicate with their friends and family to deal with them, you can count on the help of a detective agency "Private detective Khmelnitsky." One of our main advantages is mobility and efficiency, allowing us to provide services to our customers no matter where they are. Also, if your spouse, for example, moved to this town or any other town on a business trip, but are you sure that in addition to the work it will change you, then you can order the identification of her husband's infidelity. We will carry out surveillance for your other half and give you accurate information on the subject of change, or whether this person is really all of his time is dedicated exclusively work. 

The problem of infidelity - is one of the most common, which come and call the detective agency in Volochysk. And the reasons for this may be several. One of them is that the less time people pay the family and relationships, which leads them to a gradual distancing from each other. And not infrequently wives themselves are to blame for her husband's infidelity, or husbands are reasons that the wife tends to have a lover. But if you are willing to deal with the problem and not just to figure out who is who and who is changing, then to immediately file for divorce because of infidelity husband or wife, then we can get highly qualified counseling psychologist. And communication with the specialist can also occur in remote mode on the phone or via Skype, from which the quality of our work and its effectiveness does not become lower. 

And those who are just planning to enter into a formal marriage, but not yet fully confident in his or her elect, we can take advantage of this service as a test of loyalty. According to the experience of his work can be said that this test gives unmistakable results and shows the true face of the man and his real attitude toward the person with whom plans to build family relationships. 

Search for relatives in Volochysk 

From whatever problem you may have addressed to the detective agency "Private detective Khmelnitsky" is very important for you to be the most open to us and provided all the information that is relevant to the case. If your child has left the house after another argument, then the organization of its investigation of this information will certainly need to inform our employees. If you yourself have attempted to find a person by phone number, and even led surveillance of a person, for us it is also important to be aware of this. This information will allow us to provide for possible mistakes that you could avoid by his inexperience in conducting its own investigation. When searching for people by name is not superfluous to answer additional questions from our employees, if any, did not hide any facts. At the same time, we give you the assurance that we will not ask questions that have absolutely nothing to do with your case. 

We have every opportunity to not only find the last name of your choice man, but also to set the address on the phone if you do not answer calls, but the meeting with him for you is very important. 

Spies - the reality of life, or the characters of detectives 

collection of information

Unfortunately, spies have always been, are and will be. And in today's world, they have even more opportunities to spy on a person, no matter how far away they are from each other. You turn on your laptop or any other gadget, and there is no guarantee that other continent has someone does not know about. But if you go to the detective agency in Volochysk, then you have every chance to protect themselves from such intrusion into their lives and prevent the collection of information from your database. 

In addition to fighting super-spies, we can simply carry out periodic inspection of premises to detect listening devices and devices, leading up to you photographic surveillance. If you have the bugs, despite the presence of antiproslushki, we can find them, as well as wiretapping cell phones. And after this, we recommend you arrange a polygraph test your entire environment. Lie detector will help us to identify whether any of them are related to the installation of such equipment.






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