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Private Detective Khmelnitsky
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Work can be carried out with our customers incognito. All inquiries are strictly confidential, including for anonymous clients.


Started his own business, everything was going well, but at some stage slumped, with your help, learned that partner with competitors is not easy, but…


So true)) I would like to get one, allegedly paying job, and something seemed to me that there are all too well and it does not happen. Well I decided…


Thanks agency for what I uncovered the truth - where the wife goes after work and doing what. If not an agency, I would still not learned to disappear…

Ensure the person on the phone

How ever you wanted to be good parents and close friends of your child, not always and not everyone manages to keep lined up in early childhood relationships with their children.

Put spying on telephone Man

How to put surveillance on phone guy? This question arises every second girl, even if the guy is not giving any cause for jealousy.

We are helping to establish surveillance of his wife

For any man would be too suspicious if his wife suddenly stopped in time to come home from work, become a better look, attend some courses or training.


Detective Agency in Neteshin


Detective agency "Private detective Khmelnitsky" of its business not only in this city and regional cities, but also outside of Ukraine, is well deserved acquired an impeccable reputation. And, despite the fact that there are orders in which we can not give an absolute guarantee as just want reassuring customers, there is no such application from which we refused solely because of the lack of competence of our employees. Each of our private detective detective agency in Neteshin has extensive experience and is ready to take responsibility in the most difficult situations, making every effort to achieve this goal and to achieve the desired result. 

That is why our customers, regardless of this status and position, ready to trust us with their most intimate secrets when it comes to their problems and the need for our involvement. After all, not every man is even ready to admit that his wife has a lover. Many try to hide from others and even from herself that the second half changes for several years. But it is us people come not only with a request to find out these facts for sure and spend identifying infidelity husband or wife, but often in order to find a solution to this problem, with the participation of our psychologists. And do not assume that every man immediately filed for divorce because of infidelity women, although in this respect, we also have all the resources to organize this process. 

It is necessary to take into account the fact that often the people themselves are to blame for what is happening in their family adultery. Frequent travel and inattention to his wife may lead to a lover, a reluctance to understand the problems of her husband and support him in this difficult period can also be a cause of treason. And if you're willing to delve into the cause of her husband's infidelity or the wife to resolve this issue, you can count on our part not only in the organization of external observation, which confirms that one of the spouses has been tested for loyalty, but also in an attempt to save your marriage. 

The most important condition to interact with our detective agency in Neteshin is maximum openness on your part. With this you can fully preserve their anonymity, but will need to provide as much information about the problem. If you need to organize a search for people, it is important for us to know the circumstances under which these people have disappeared because of your life or basically missing. Of course, we can find a person by phone number, address, and install it on the phone, but do not be amiss to hear from you and other additional information so that we do not waste your time on an additional fee information. In cases where you want to search for relatives of the missing, a very important point is precisely your speed contacting us. In such cases, great value plays every second. But we undertake the search for people by name, and those with whom you may never see, but which may be related to you. Find relatives by the name of helping the professional preparation of the genealogical tree of the genus. 

Photo and video surveillance

You can contact us how to produce a single advice on a particular issue, as well as a single solution to your problem, but also can cooperate with us on a regular basis. This applies mainly to our corporate clients who seek to protect their business and to protect themselves against the penetration of spies. Often we are faced with the fact that apply to us any entrepreneur to undertake preventive inspection of premises to identify the listening devices, but then it turns out that there are actually conducted a full surveillance of the man with the most modern technical means. And all this becomes clear only after we are able to detect eavesdropping of mobile phones in the search for bugs. And do not think that all of this can save you once installed antiproslushka. If you run your business, your database will always generate interest competitors. 

And find out who is behind you photographic surveillance will help us a lie detector. Most often spies are among the company's staff. And it is a polygraph test the entire team identifies a traitor.







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Carefully check against your contact details to not making mistakes. Otherwise we will not be able to answer you. If in the course of the day with you will not be contacted by our representatives, please call on the phone mentioned on the website and let us know